Salon quality shampoo & conditioner bars – without the plastic waste

"Will Never Go Back To Bottled Shampoo" - Nicol

"I am blown away!! The shampoo and conditioner bars leave my hair so soft and without weighed down feeling. These bars are simply amazing!" - Diana

Oh My Garden! is the first zero-waste salon quality hair care. Our products transform beauty routines into luxuriant moments of magic… just enough *in the now* mindfulness to recharge – and then bring your best energy to the world. 

Our products are handcrafted in Canada using premium plant ingredients – and packaged and shipped using sustainable methods. Thousands of astounded customers are the proof: You don’t have to sacrifice a posh experience or astounding beauty results to do what’s right for our planet’s future.  

British Vogue
Avenue Magazine
Calgary Guardian
Made in Alberta

Salon quality – without the plastic waste

We design powerful, potent products in a way that minimizes packaging. It’s the right thing to do for our planet, and we believe that minimalism is actually the highest form of luxury. 

Free of EVERYTHING questionable

We know you don’t want to have to question what you’re putting in your hair and on your skin. Of course we’re 100% natural, cruelty free, free of parabens and sulfates, and we don’t use plastic. We know you don’t take this for granted – but with us, you actually can. 

One Order, one tree

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and that's why we're planting a tree for every single order.

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