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Our mission is to create high-performing formulations from powerful plant ingredients, sustainably produced & packaged to promote the health of skin & hair and create a vibrant beauty experience.

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Hands up again if an advertisement has ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough or like the only way to feel confident was if you purchased their product. Self-confidence is no easy task. It seems as though everywhere you look, there is some type of advertisement making you feel like you shouldn’t be proud of your appearance. 
We are so excited to start series of interviews with sustainable living advocates. Sustainable living is a choice and is a journey. Come along with us to discover sustainable living insights and tips from women just like us. Let`s celebrate every woman who is changing the world one step at a time! Today, we are interviewing Talitha Hewko, on trend sustainable fashion advocate from Calgary.
Hi OMG! Nation! Mariann here. I recently tried the Tea Tree and Grapefruit Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner bars from OMG!, and I wanted to dedicate this post to share my experience. 

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