How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally

Our hair puts up with a lot, from hair dyes to environmental stressors, but we don't have to settle for dry, lacklustre locks.

Here are 7 ways to repair your hair from the inside out naturally.

  1. Use a weekly nourishing hair mask

Every week use a conditioning mask rich in plant-based ingredients such as kokum butter, macadamia oil, mango butter, rapeseed oil, coconut oil and oat protein.

These powerful ingredients deeply nourish and repair hair, soothe scalp inflammation and infuse hair with collagen, essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

Oh My Garden! Conditioner Bars feature all of these ingredients and more to strengthen and repair hair.

Leave the conditioner in for 5-10 minutes and wrap your hair in a warm towel for a truly spa-like experience. This will allow the plant oils, butters and extracts to soak in for healthy hair from the inside out.

  1. Give yourself a scalp massage

Using a teaspoon of coconut oil, give yourself a lovely scalp massage to soothe itchy or irritated scalp conditions. Leave the oil in for 30 minutes to let your scalp soak up the benefits of the coconut oil. 

Shampoo and condition as usual.

  1. Protect your hair from the sun

Just like your skin, your hair also needs sun protection. Wear a hat, especially when the sun exposure is the strongest, usually between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

This will help protect hair from environmental stressors.

  1. Wash your hair based on your hair type

Oily, hair requires a hair wash every day or two, while dry hair is best if only washed every few days. Choose a frequency based on your hair type to ensure your hair gets the attention it needs.

  1. Avoid hair products with these ingredients

Silicones are similar to plastic, and they accumulate in the environment that's why we never use them in our products. When it comes to hair care, they mask the problem instead of actually nourishing and healing your hair. 

Parabens are often used to extend the shelf life of products, but avoid these chemicals as they are harmful to the environment and our health.

Synthetic fragrances can include unhealthy chemicals as companies are not required to list every ingredient that makes up a fragrance. Use products that have natural fragrances from essential oils like our Oh My Garden! Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.

Stay away from these ingredients in all of your products to repair damaged hair. 

  1. Just say no to sulphates

Avoid sulphates in your shampoo to boost your hair health, shine, and strength.

Sulphates strip hair of naturally occurring proteins and oils and can irritate your scalp.

Look for products that feature sulphate-free surfactants (the ingredient that makes shampoo foam) so that you can still enjoy a lovely lather, like our Oh My Garden! Shampoo Bars. They're all-natural, completely sulphate-free and lather beautifully.

  1. Don't overdo hair products

Give your hair what it needs instead of what's trendy. This means cutting back on hair products that aren't necessary. Having a nourishing, high-performing plant-based shampoo and conditioner is more than enough for shiny, soft locks. Add in heat protection if you use styling products.

At Oh My Garden! we reinforce conscious consumption by producing high-functioning and multitasking products that reduce the number of products you use while getting incredible results. 

We have the essential hair care products you need for elevated, eco-conscious, high-performing hair and skincare. Click below to see how you can experience deeply nourished, brilliant hair and repair damaged hair naturally.