About Us

In my search for beauty products that provided real results – but were also produced and packaged sustainably – I experienced many disappointments. When I found something that met one of my standards, it didn’t feel luxurious at all. The products I tried felt austere. They didn’t lather. They didn’t smell good. The packaging wasn’t special. 

And I wanted it all! And I believed (and still do) that extraordinary women deserve it all. 

I wanted great results, planet-friendly everything, and products that created a luxe, energy-generating beauty experience, too. And I didn’t think that was too much to ask! 

Through the process of trying to find that, I realized I would need to create it. And that’s why we’re here today. Oh My Garden! is the magical result of this journey I’ve been on. And why we work hard to bring you high-performing plant-based hair and skin products that don’t sacrifice a magical beauty experience – or our precious planet. 

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