Oh My Garden! is more than natural skincare. We put our hearts into creating a skincare line that is safe, sustainable, effective, and enjoyable to use. Every formulation is the result of careful planning, design, and experimentation.
Oh My Garden!
We believe that beauty has to be good for us while not compromising the planet.
Sustainability goes far beyond using safe, plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging. For us, sustainability is also about conscious consumption. We do not believe in exaggerating the excessive use of beauty products to get higher sales. Instead, we stand for conscious selection of the products that meet the needs of the skin, and creating products that are high-functioning and multitasking. Our skin DOES need everyday care, but it doesn`t require excessive amount of products or unnecessary steps in the beauty routine.     
Our Beauty Sustainability Manifesto
We manifest sustainable beauty by taking care of our skin while taking care of the planet. Our beautiful planet deserves to be more than a landfill for the unstoppable human consumption of plastic packaging and dangerous chemical compounds which disturb marine life, atmosphere, and land.
For us, this implies:  
  1. The use of safe plant-based ingredients. Our principle is to only use ingredients that are plant-based and proven to be safe. We are saying a bold NO to animal-derived and synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients do not necessarily mean toxic or unsafe, but in most cases, they have a negative implication for the planet due to by-products of the compound, reaction with other elements, or their own adversity. For example, traces of the silicone were found in plant and marine life, and concerns about biodegradability or that silicones are bio accumulative (i.e. that they are building up in the environment) were expressed recently. Many other synthetic compounds used in the beauty industry were discovered to be unsafe for the environment. We have to realize that not only ‘wash-off’ products, but also ‘leave-on’ products get into the environment. However, this doesn`t mean that all plant-derived ingredients are safe. Some plant-derived ingredients are made through such excessive processing that they become equally as dangerous as synthetic ingredients. Thus, we ensure that every ingredient we use is safe for us and the environment, whether it is natural or not.
  2. Thoughtful packaging. Plastic is literally taking over the world. According to data, by 2050, the ocean will have more plastic than fish. We aim to use recyclable materials and avoid using plastic at all costs. While there are not many alternatives to the plastic on the market now, we believe that conscious choice of products packaged in glass or compostable materials can become a pushing force for introducing new materials, limiting the use of plastic, and forbidding the use of non-recyclable plastic. We also introduced the Packaging Reuse Program so that you can return OMG! bottles to us to be sterilized and reused.  
  3. Not using endangered plants for our products. The decrease and extinction of plant species because of high demand in the beauty industry is another sustainability issue, though to less of an extent as packaging and toxins. If the plant becomes extraordinarily popular among consumers, more producers try to incorporate them into their products. As a consequence, the demand grows immensely, putting the plant in danger. Especially if the plant is wild harvested and no sustainable practices of farming are in place. An example of such danger is sandalwood. Sandalwood is a super popular essential oil. It has a beautiful smell and great properties to it. But it is an endangered species, and the only sustainable sources of it are Australia and New Caledonia. However, most Sandalwood present from suppliers are the ones derived from India. That is the reason why we will never use this oil, unless we are ensured in the sustainable supply-chain of this plant.
  4. Not using unsustainably grown plants, where the biggest issue is huge corporate farming. Corporate farming is the source for some high-demand plants used not only in beauty but other industries, such as food. When plants are grown in the huge amounts, mostly using unsustainable farming practices, it disturbs the biodiversity and balance of the location. An example of that is palm oil farms and soya. For the latter, also gene-modified species are grown. For that reason, we don`t use neither palm oil or soya in our formulations. We believe that by being conscious about the selection of ingredients we use in our products, we are making small but mighty steps in changing an industry that enables fast consumption, cheap ingredients, and high profit gains for manufacturers.
  5. Conscious consumption and giving the skin what it needs, instead of what is trendy – We reinforce conscious consumption by producing high-functioning and mostly multitasking products that allow you to reduce the number of products you use to get great results. We also believe in the power of educating about healthy skincare and empowering women to love themselves.
  6. Power of women - We believe in the power of every woman to make big changes. Women have immense power to influence people around them. Women influence their children, family, friends, and community. We are proud to serve women that create changes in the world one step at a time.
Be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi