Our product philosophy


We believe that beauty should be intelligent. Science has done plenty to identify what works and what doesn`t in terms of skin care, so there is no need for a guessing game. The use of scientifically proven ingredients in the perfectly balanced formulas to target specific skin care needs is what we call intelligent beauty. Natural doesn't automatically mean it’s good, but the right natural ingredients can do wonders for both our beauty and our health. 


We believe that beauty can be beneficial to us while not compromising our planet. Our beautiful Earth deserves to be more than just a landfill for the unstoppable human consumption of plastic packaging and dangerous chemical compounds that kill marine life, poison the atmosphere, and scorch the land. Sustainability goes far beyond just using safe, plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging. Sustainability is also about conscious consumption. We do not believe in promoting or exaggerating the excessive use of beauty products just to get higher sales. Instead, we stand for the conscious selection of products that meet our needs and creating products that are high-functioning and effective. Our skin DOES need everyday care, but it doesn`t require an excessive amount of products or unnecessary steps in our daily beauty routine.    


While the core values of our product development are effectiveness and naturalness, beauty should also be enjoyable. Beauty is more than maintaining good looks. It’s about self-care, it’s a ritual of self-love. It’s about staying healthy and saying “thank you” to our bodies. And beauty is a big part of our everyday routine, so it should be a vibrant and enjoyable experience. Textures, subtle natural aromas, colors, and packaging - everything we create we design to add vibrancy and excitement to your everyday life. 

Meet the founder

Hi there!

I’m Togzhan. I’m the proud mother of two amazing children, a researcher with a Ph.D in education by trade, and an avid skin-care enthusiast. More importantly, I’m a passionate believer in the power that every person has to make this world a better place.

Five years ago, after spending a few months diligently following 10-step skincare routines (yes, that did happen to me), I was horrified by the amount of plastic I was producing that was going straight to the landfill. But this horror story doesn’t end there. A few Google searches about the impact the beauty industry has on the environment revealed tons of other issues:

Microplastics and silicone building up in the environment

Toxicity levels of some synthetic compounds

Socially and environmentally unsustainable practices in the beauty industry (do you know how most mica is produced? That’s another horror story) 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg... 

My immediate reaction upon learning this was to stop using all skincare products. But skincare for me is about more than just keeping up a good appearance. It’s about self-care and self-love. So completely giving up skincare would mean losing an important aspect of my life. Left with no other choice, I modified my routine to reduce the number of products I used and to use more natural alternatives.

Then I started to dream. I dreamt about beauty products produced and packaged sustainably. I dreamt about ensuring that the entire supply chain is transparent and doesn’t harm either the planet or its people. I dreamt about having only ingredients that are 100% safe, about formulations that work, about beauty products not advertised in a way that makes us feel bad about ourselves, but instead lift us up.

And after years of research and learning “Oh My Garden!” was born, a company whose skincare products are made with high-performing plant-based ingredients, sustainably produced, and packaged with the goal to create a vibrant beauty experience and to amplify your everyday routine.

Let's glow together

We're creating an environmentally-conscious community of beauty lovers. Gathering to thrive and uplift each other while pursuing our passions.  Interested? Everyone's welcome.