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Natural & Healthy Ingredients

We believe in formulating products with ingredients that are well-researched and natural.

Performance Driven Formulations

The use of scientifically proven ingredients in the perfectly balanced formulas to target specific skin and hair needs is what we call intelligent beauty


Handcrafted in small batches in Calgary, Canada

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"The best! I've tried quite a few conditioner bars over the past few months and since your shampoo bar was my favorite, I had to try the conditioner bar and it was everything I've been looking for. It detangle, it's easy to lather, it leaves my hair beautiful and non greasy!"


"Excellent Product! I will recommend this oil to everyone. It makes my skin soft and nourish. Love it😊"


"Wow!!! I never thought bar shampoo could be this great!! The rich lather, live the clean scent, and your hair is so clean. This is hands down the best shampoo I have used"