Our Sustainable Beauty Manifesto

  1. The use of safe plant-based ingredients. Our principle is to only use ingredients that are plant-based and proven to be safe. We are saying a bold, “NO” to animal-derived and synthetic ingredients. 
  1. Thoughtful packaging. According to data, by 2050, the ocean will have more plastic than fish. We create products that don't require excessive packaging, including shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo. We also use glass packaging where the solid forms of the product are not possible or not feasible. Also, all our shipping supplies are made from recycled materials too.  
  1. Avoiding using endangered plants for our products. The decrease and extinction of plant species because of high demand in the beauty industry is a sustainability issue, though to less of an extent as packaging and toxins. An example is sandalwood. Sandalwood is a popular essential oil and an endangered species. The only sustainable sources of it are in Australia and New Caledonia. However, most sandalwood is from suppliers in India. This is why we don't use this oil and won't unless we are ensured of the sustainable supply-chain for this plant.
  1. Avoiding unsustainably grown plants. Corporate farming is the source of some high-demand plants in the beauty and food industries. When plants are grown in large amounts, mainly using unsustainable farming practices, it disturbs the location's biodiversity. By being conscious about the selection of ingredients we use in our products, we are making small but mighty steps in changing an industry that enables fast consumption, cheap ingredients, and high-profit gains for manufacturers.
  1. Conscious consumption and giving the skin/hair what it needs, instead of what is trendy. We reinforce conscious consumption by producing high-functioning and mostly multitasking products that allow you to reduce the number of products you use while getting incredible results. We also believe in educating and empowering women on healthy skincare and self-love.
  1. The power of women to create change. We believe in the power of every woman to make meaningful changes because they have an immense influence on the people around them, including their children, family, friends, and community. We are proud to serve women!
  1. Small batches that are handcrafted in Calgary. This means our inventory is always fresh, and we support local production.