Quiz Results Oily Skin

Your skin now has a tendency to be on the oily side

Oily skin means two things (or both at the same time), your skin naturally has a tendency to produce more oil, or it's overproducing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture or essential fatty acids (not to be confused with essential oils).

In either case, the strategy is similar:

      • Make sure not to strip your skin with harsh cleansers (with high pH) such as astringents like alcohol, high concentration witch hazel, and overusing chemical exfoliators. While those products may bring short-term relief of oiliness, your skin will quickly try to compensate for all water/oil that was stripped out by producing more oil. Remember, skin is all about balance; if it's missing something, it will overproduce that.
      • Instead, make sure that your skin is well moisturized, and the skin barrier is healthy. The damaged skin barrier leads to Transepidermal Water Loss that leads to your skin overproducing oils. We also need a skin barrier (also called acid mantle) to provide a hospitable environment for our microbiome and protect from "bad" bacteria that cause inflammation and breakouts. A healthy skin barrier is the foundation for the balance of your skin. Essential fatty acids and ceramides are components needed to restore your skin barrier and stop TWL.
      • Avoid comedogenic ingredients as much as possible. Trust your skin though, if something is working for you, but it has comedogenic level 4 don't rush to throw that away.
      • Squalane, Argan Oil, Abyssinian oil, Sea Buckthorn are the examples of non-comedogenic ingredients that are great for moisturizing and restoring the skin barrier.

Your best OMG! Routine

Step 1. Cleanse

Cleansing is an integral part of our recommended beauty routine, but don't feel you have to cleanse twice a day. In the evening, a proper cleansing routine to remove makeup, sunscreen, and any dirt is all you need. In the morning, a splash of water is enough.


Most gel or cream cleansers don't remove makeup well because makeup is often oil-based, while gel and cream cleansers are water-based. And we know that water and oil don't work well together. We recommend using our Fruit Enzyme Gentle Exfoliating Cleansing Oil first to melt makeup and oil.


Our cleansing oil contains a plant-based emulsifier that turns the oil into lotion for easy wash-off. Follow with our Radiance Boost Cleansing Powder to remove the cleansing oil and any residue. Double cleansing ensures that your skin is clean and looks amazing. On top of that, our cleansing oil contains fruit enzymes (pineapple and papaya) that helps to break down the dead skin while being extra gentle so as not to damage the skin barrier.  


If you don't wear makeup, our Radiance Boost Cleansing Powder is all you need.

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Step 2. Moisturize


There is a myth that oily skin should avoid oils at all cost. That simply is not true.

Balancing the skin sebum (oil) production starts with ensuring that water is not excessively leaving the skin due to a damaged skin barrier. Stress, harsh chemicals in skincare (especially those in cleansing products), and changes in the weather can all damage our skin barrier. As a response, skin starts producing extra oil to compensate for the moisture loss, which leads to oily skin.


It sounds counterintuitive, but the best solution for this is an amazing plant-based facial oil.Plant oils form a breathable occlusive layer that stops water from evaporating. It also gradually restores the skin barrier and calms irritations. The skin stops losing moisture, and the sebum production naturally regulates.


The key is to use oils that are not too heavy or comedogenic and those that contain essential fatty acids. OurBalancing Facial Oil is designed for normal and oily skin types and works by restoring the skin barrier, protecting and nourishing the skin, balancing sebum production, and helping to make pores less visible.


Our Balancing Facial Oil moisturizes, balances, and softens skin, while helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines for a healthy glow. Perfect for oily/combination skin!


  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling radiant & smooth
  • Great for all skin types, especially for normal and oily skin
  • Perfect for daily use and as a primer for foundation


Step 3. Sunscreen


Choose a sunscreen that works for you in terms of texture and how it feels. Make sure that it has a high sun protection index and re-apply throughout the day before sun exposure.


Step 4. Bonus step: Mask


Experience the luxury of the spa in your own home with our deeply detoxifying and hydrating Pure Marine Glacier Detoxifying mask featuring Canadian glacial clay. It removes oils, secretions, and contaminants from the skin with antibacterial properties. The best part, it detoxifies without drying so it's perfect for your skin. Use weekly.


Remember, you are beautiful. Your skin is there to protect you and is doing a great job. Skin is not meant to be flawless like photoshopped models and filter-heavy Instagram influencers. Skin should have texture and go through different stages to fulfill its most important role to protect you. Show love to your skin with your Oh My Garden Natural Beauty Routine!   

Don`t forget about your lips!


Our Blood Orange Lip butter nourishes, soothes, and hydrates dry lips. It's deep conditioning and rich with antioxidants to protect lips from free-radical damage. Perfect for colder and dry climates. Use daily as a part of your evening cleansing routine or as needed.