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LOVE it!!

This shampoo bar came in my Kinder box a while back. Because my hair is so thin, after showering it is easily tangled, even with regular use of high-quality conditioners. I haven't used it thinking it would exacerbate the problem. On a whim, I decided to give it a whirl and I LOVE it. After rinsing it made my hair feel so smooth, conditioner didn't feel necessary, so I skipped it. When I towel dried and combed through my hair, it was a hundred times easier to comb through. I am on day four of using it and my hair legitimately looks healthier and is easier to manage. I am on the site to order another bar for myself, and for my sister and daughters!

Balancing Facial Oil
Iwona Carrothers
Excellent Product!

I will recommend this oil to everyone. It makes my skin soft and nourish. Love it😊

Love love this

Great for fine hair!

Love this product

Wonderful. I love this product!

Blood Orange Lip Butter
Kylie Sandford
Very nice

It’s very soft so you have to be careful not to scoop too much! At first I found it a bit granular but I think it’s a really nice product.

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Nicol Cunningham
Will Never Go Back To Bottled Shampoo

The best! I love this shampoo bar, my hair looks and feels healthier.


Thus has been the best so far, great slip and moisture.

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Amanda Westbrook
Love these bars!

I love the way these bars clean my hair without any residue, smell great, and have a great lather! They help me reduce my use of single use plastics. I’ll never go back to bottle shampoo!

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Mabel Leong-Machielse
Shampoo bar

I love love love it!! It is so sudsy and leaves my hair nice and soft. Haven’t had a chance to try all scents yet.

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Kylie Sandford
Love this product.

My overall experience is very good! I use it all the time. The only thing is that when it gets small, it falls apart in clumps in my hair and too much gets used, so the bar runs out all of a sudden. It feels great to no longer buy plastic bottles!!!

Hair is so soft, shiny and cruelty free!

I received the shampoo bar in a Kinder box and loved it immediately. I have two other shampoo bars in my shower right now, but this is definitely the best so I decided to buy directly from Oh My Garden! for more. I bought the pack with two shampoos and a conditioner. I don't always love bar conditioner, but this one is amazing. My scalp feels moisturized and my hair is super soft and not tangled. After years of trying to find the best cruelty free, vegan, package free, sustainable (etc, etc) shampoo and conditioner, my search is over. Thank you so much, Oh My Garden! I appreciate you!

Yea tree &grapefruit shampoo and conditioner bars

this shampoo and conditioner bar is just perfect, it makes the hair soft and shiny. what about the smell 😍 I love it

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Julie Fitzgerald
Best Shampoo Bar around!

I have dry, curly hair and don’t wash it everyday. Love this shampoo bar - suds up nicely, smells great and my hair stays soft!

The best!

I've tried quite a few conditioner bars over the past few months and since your shampoo bar was my favorite, I had to try the conditioner bar and it was everything I've been looking for. It detangle, it's easy to lather, it leaves my hair beautiful and non greasy!

Repeat customer

I will continue buying this set as it makes my hair feel fresh and soft. (And no plastic bottles)

Love it!

The shampoo bar has a lovely silky foam. I use the conditioner after the shampoo all the time, they give me a softer hair.

I love the way the shampoo bars clean and condition my hair. I have soft, shiny hair with no feeling of buildup. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I wish it had more grapefruit smell, or mint, or flower. Every girl likes her hair to smell pretty, and this isn't quite there.

Excellent product!

I love your bars duo. I will never go back to regular shampoo and conditioner. Very easy to apply and my hair feels awesome. Thank you for the opportunity and I will recommend your product to my friends and family😊

I love it!

Both shampoo and conditioner bars are easy to use and work very well. My hair feels great. I love not having big ugly bottle sitting in my shower too!!!


I absolutely love these shampoo and conditioner bars. My hair feels amazing afterwards too. The shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair after rinsing like a lot of other bars do. I love the way the shampoo foams up instantly and just makes my hair feel so soft and clean after using.

The best!

I had recieved this thru the Kinder Beauty Box and loved it so I bought it directly from you this time because of the amount of suds you get from it, and how clean it leaves my hair feeling!

I absolutely love!

So I have a monthly subscription box (kinder) and this shampoo was in it last month. I FELL IN LOVE! It’s BETTER than traditional shampoo and hair feels clean and light ❤️ Will be a lifelong customer

Love the smell!

The smell is so bright and refreshing how can it not being doing a great job washing your hair?! The conditioning bar is great on short hair, not so effective on long so perfect for my husband but mine needs something thicker - overall very impressed!


I am blown away!! 🤯 My wavy hair tends to be frizzy when I let it air dry. I prefer a smoother look so I normally blow dry. The shampoo and conditioner bars leave my hair so soft and not weighed down feeling. I have styled with blow drying and with letting my hair air dry naturally. My hair looks and feels good both ways! I no longer have to put numerous products in my hair for a smooth or a wavy, frizz free style!! No more fighting my hair!!! These bars are simply amazing!

Best shampoo bar ever!

Ive tried a couple and they always left my hair feeling like it didnt rinse properly and required a vinager rinse. I was sceptical when i recieved the shampoo bar in a subscription box. I ended up loving it and got the conditioning bar. My hair feels great and i have fewer psoriasis flares on my scalp.