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Omg amazing

My hair is so silky soft and shiny. This had replaced my usual use of OUAI and it's so much better for the environment and my pocket

Omg shampoo & conditioner bars

Love these bars. Leaves my hair soft & frizz free

Simply amazing

The Rosemary Coffee has a wonderful scent. My first bar has lasted me a very long time, and I've already ordered the next two. My hair loves it!

Best ever

I love these bars they make my hair feel clean and soft

I love the shampoo

I got the grapefruit shampoo & I love using it. I love that it looks like soap & I can suds up my hair so easily. My hair feels so soft after I use it.

I came across this product in the kinder box.

My only con is the packaging. I feel like it should come safer wrapped. I just ordered some more & when it arrived in this Manila envelope it had fallen out of the little boxes the shampoo is kept in. And no invoice or anything. Cuter shipping would be helpful. And maybe safer shipping for the product.

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for your feedback!
As we try to minimize shipping materials and use recycled packaging only (the mailer is from recycled plastic), we sometimes struggle to find the balance between sustainability and visual appeal. However, we will work on improving the visual aspect of shipping without sacrificing the eco aspect (we want all OMG! experience to be eco-luxurious!). Thank you for choosing us!

Love, love, love!

I’m so thrilled to have discovered Oh My Garden products in the Kinder Beauty boxes! I’m always trying to reduce the amount of plastic I’m buying so super excited to have found the shampoo and conditioner bars! And I was even more excited when I used them and discovered how awesome they are! I love, love, love both the shampoo and conditioner!!! I have thick, curly hair and wasn’t sure if the conditioner would work on my hair type but my concern was alleviated after one use. Both the shampoo and conditioner worked so well! My hair felt so clean and soft. I highly recommend these products!

Best Shampoo I’ve ever tried.

I have wavy long hair and I could just never find anything my hair liked until I got a grapefruit and tea tree shampoo in my Kinder Box a long while ago and I was shocked at how soft it made my hair. Your shampoo was better than any shampoo ever, so I signed up for a subscription and tried the rosemary and coffee smell. I’m in love and will never try another shampoo ever again.

Lovely product!

I just got another complement on how this look on! Very nice product and a great option to support a local business!

Nourishing Facial Oil
Faith Mitchell

I like the facial oil but not that keen on its scent. Almost smells like rancid oil. As the product is applied close to my nose I do smell it for a while and am not really keen on the scent.

Omg shampoo & conditioner bars

I love these bars. They leave my hair shine& so soft & fizz free. I give this product five stars & I’ll definitely buy again

Great products!!

I was very unsure to use these bars as I have always been a shampoo girl. I have thick dyed hair and I always use conditioner but I don’t like the fact that conditioners take away the volume of my hair. Even after the 1st time trying the bar and conditioner I was shocked how natural and nice my hair looked like. It kept its volume while looking fresh and frizz-free. My husband also loves it now and I think we need to order our next ones soon. The scent is very gentle and not strong at all which I love. Highly recommend!

Balancing Facial Oil
Zauresh Doucette
Love this oil

I enjoy putting this oil on my skin after a good wash in the morning and before bed. It smells luxurious, absorbs easily, & doesn’t leave a greasy feeling (but you only need two drops), and moisturizes nicely. From the significant benefits , occasionally I get some hormonal acne and with this oil it heals much faster and doesn’t leave marks. I also wanted to point out that this oil is helping me to clear the persistent cluster of small bumps on my forehead that I don’t know the cause of. I don’t know what to call them, but they are not the typical acne, just tiny bumps that I get the urge to scrub off with my nails sometimes(I know! Horrible!) so I’ve noticed once I started applying balancing oil, they have flattened. I’m hoping the redness will go away too as I continue using it.

So glad I tried these

I got the lavender sage duo. The shampoo bar lathers great and smells amazing. I can't believe how soft and smooth my hair is after using the conditioner bar. I have a very sensitive scalp and this is one of the very few products that doesn't make my scalp itchy and irritated. Great products, highly recommend!

My hair thanks you!

I LOVE the shampoo and conditioner bars! I've been using salon shampoo most of my life, recently noticed my hair falling out so I gave this product a go. Even after first use I had no lose strands in the sink after, have bee using for a couple of week now and my hair has never felt better

LOVE it!!

This shampoo bar came in my Kinder box a while back. Because my hair is so thin, after showering it is easily tangled, even with regular use of high-quality conditioners. I haven't used it thinking it would exacerbate the problem. On a whim, I decided to give it a whirl and I LOVE it. After rinsing it made my hair feel so smooth, conditioner didn't feel necessary, so I skipped it. When I towel dried and combed through my hair, it was a hundred times easier to comb through. I am on day four of using it and my hair legitimately looks healthier and is easier to manage. I am on the site to order another bar for myself, and for my sister and daughters!

Nourishing Facial Oil
Michelle Blundell
Nourishing facial oil

I love it! Back in the summer I spilled my nourishing oil on the counter. I’m too frugal to waste it so l put it all over my arms and hands, my skin on my arms is still so soft! Chapped lips? I puts a couple of drops on my face and neck, regardless of the weather my lips are smooth and silky.

Oh my garden are my go to products for skin and hair.

I’m 49 and this picture was taken after using the nourishing for a year or so

I love the shampoo and conditioner bars

My kids and I have curly hair that frizzed even with the products to control frizz. We don’t have that problem anymore. After a couple of weeks using the shampoo and conditioner bars, they both raved and said, please don’t ever buy anything else. Our frizzy hair is soft like baby hair and shiny. We now have a subscription.

Balancing Facial Oil
Iwona Carrothers
Excellent Product!

I will recommend this oil to everyone. It makes my skin soft and nourish. Love it😊

Love love this

Great for fine hair!

Love this product

Wonderful. I love this product!

Blood Orange Lip Butter
Kylie Sandford
Very nice

It’s very soft so you have to be careful not to scoop too much! At first I found it a bit granular but I think it’s a really nice product.

Absolutely in love!

This is the best shampoo I have EVER used. Having my boys use it too! Excited to order!

OMG! Hydrating Shampoo Bar
Nicol Cunningham
Will Never Go Back To Bottled Shampoo

The best! I love this shampoo bar, my hair looks and feels healthier.

Love them!

I have long curly hair and it's like silk without conditioner.


Thus has been the best so far, great slip and moisture.